The reliable technical equipment is a necessary component of modern pest control.

Highest standards of quality used equipment is currently defined as the increased requirements to protect the environment and the changed requirements (considerably become tougher) by criteria of a mark of quality of spent works (according to requirements of program HACCP, for example, in procedure of pest control there are some critical limits, which excess demands immediate intervention, are equal to zero).

On the other hand, technical development enables the use of new strategies, methods and recipes. Working methods with ULV generators (generators with small volume) are evident to volume acknowledgement.

Pest Monitoring Center is not connected with manufacturers of the equipment or control devices advertising promises, in the work we use those devices which from our point of view are most reliable, effective and safe.

More often we apply control devices of manufacture Killgerm Chemical LTD, Quimica de Munguia, S.A. LTD, Kukbo Science Co. LTD. Containers of a series «M» of manufacture of Independent consulting firm «Rationally-Emotive Therapy», Moscow are convenient in work also.

Insecticidal lamps of last generation — the powerful weapon changing representations about possibilities of protection against flying insects. To modern requirements of efficiency and safety there correspond, for example, devices of manufacture PestWest (the supplier, Exocutor, Insectaflash, etc. (the supplier of Joint-Stock Company «Inter-regional agency of a subscription of Ltd.,

At work under service contracts any additional accounts for installation of control devices (monitors, containers) are not exposed. Under certain conditions the same applies to the insecticidal lamps. In other words: we establish and we serve own devices, giving to their enterprise in free using.