We represent leading experts of the Center.

Shсherbakov Valery Vladimirovich is the General director and service-manager of the company. He is the graduate of biological faculty of the Moscow State University. He practiced Pest Control for 15 years. He has a certificate of the Moscow Medical Academy named after Setchenov (Disinfectology). During the period of professional activity he has been closely involved in developing and implementing procedures of pest control at the company Unilever, Elinar-Broiler, AVON, Rexam, Royal Canin and many others. He has extensive practical experience in organizing and conducting aerosol treatments of major food plants against insect pests, raw materials and products.

Shilov Igor Petrovich is the expert-biologist, he graduated Veterinary Academy of Skryabin. He owns all modern methods and receptions of disinfestations, the organization of pest control at the large enterprises of the food-processing industry. Has passed specialization in pest-management Institute at the rate «Pest Control. Grain protection“. He holds a certificate of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education degree in Disinfectology.

Burakova Olga Vladimirovna is the adviser-entomologist of the company, the senior research assistant of biological faculty of the Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov. She has the big practical experience in area of biology, systematization and struggle against the most widespread household insects and wreckers of food stocks. She is the author of section about insects of the Study guide 4.2.1479-03“Entomological methods of gathering and definition of insects and pincers of food stocks and nonfood raw materials». Inquiries and recommendations for choice strategy of struggle against harmful insects have been developed for managers of the enterprises for manufacture of foodstuff by Burakova.

Tolstov Ivan Vladimirovich is the expert-biologist, the graduate of the Biological faculty of the Moscow State University. His postgraduate education is department of disinfectology in the Moscow Medical Academy named after Setchenov. He has his own experience of organization of pest control on objects of the raised complexity.

Dombrovsky Alexander Aleksandrovich is the instructor-disinfector. He has left the school of the Moscow City Center of Disinfection. He owns knowledge and techniques of work with modern spraying equipment (including generators of an aerosol fog of all types) in what he has had time to gain considerable experience.